Medical grant and manuscript editing for professionals

Behind every successful researcher, there is a good editor!  Loon Lake offers editorial services at every level from a one-time grant proposal review to editing all grants and manuscripts annually for a busy research team. For any researcher or clinician, a competent editor can simplify workload, offload time-consuming tasks involved in grant and manuscript submission, increase the chance that your grant proposal or paper will be accepted, and enhance your resume and ultimate career success. Researchers can often fund an editor from grants or academic discretionary funds. 


Loon Lake Design helps doctors and scientists finalize research that may be pending (or "forever on the back burner") by editing, polishing and submitting manuscripts for peer-reviewed journals; editing grant proposals,  writing or editing grant progress reports, and more. The owner's 15+ years of experience in medicine, engineering and writing confers the knowledge and vocabulary to edit documents at a high level and tailor them to the intended audience. 


Our Philosophy 

  • Commitment to unsurpassed customer service and technical excellence
  • Work based on integrity and ethics  
  • Perfectionism and attention to detail 
  • Professionalism and dependability
  • Client privacy and patient confidentiality

What our customers are saying

I have worked with Robyn over the past ten-plus years. She is an outstanding editor who is able to organize the material from several contributors into a concise, well written manuscript in a timely manner. She has played a crucial role in a number of our publications. The overall quality of our publications has been improved significantly by her involvement and the role she has played as our editor and project manager. 

JR, Professor of Surgery and Radiology

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